Mission Forge

Lead: Alex Barrie

The Mission Forge team is dedicated to exploring what new missions can be enabled by utilizing off-the-shelf analytic tools to develop synthetic models of science payload telemetry.

Payload Telemetry Center

The Mission Forge center for payload telemetry development​ can help you design, validate, and verify your instrument.


To create synthetic missions, we are building a digital library of tools that are off-the-shelf, flight ready, validated, and documented. Tools include:


Mission Forge supports several NASA projects, including:

Mission Development

The Mission Forge team explores new possible Heliophysics missions that are made possible by utilizing newly-developed off-the-shelf AI/ML/Analytics tools. Mission development includes:

This may also include developing a testbed for designing and experimenting with AI/ML enhancements to mission operations.


Alex Barrie <alexander.c.barrie@nasa.gov>
Stewart Doe <stewart.w.doe@nasa.gov>