CfHA Events, Activities and Information for the Fall 2022 American Geophysical Union Meeting

This page lists events happening at the Fall 2022 meeting of the American Geophysical Union.  To have your event listed, please email helioanalytics42 {at}

Town Hall Meeting

TH15G - “Data and Open Science for Capable Communities and Scientific Discovery”
Town Hall Monday November 12 at the Fall 2022 AGU Meeting
18:30-19:30  Room S104A of the McCormick Place Convention Center

Please join us for a Town Hall event to be held at the very outset of the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting “Data and Open Science for Capable Communities and Scientific Discovery.”  The event will be held Monday November 12 2022 from 18:30-19:30 CST, both online as well as in person at the AGU Meeting in Room S104A of the McCormick Place Convention Center. 

For scientific communities to embrace and robustly and responsibly practice data science, including AI/ML, they require transdisciplinary communities of practice (CoP). We will explore developing, maintaining, and amplifying these CoPs by hearing from frontier thinkers that across different contexts (e.g., different science domains, different sectors of society).

This builds on two previous town halls, and is a natural progression from them:

Please join us to help cultivate a rich discussion, learn from thought-leaders, and broaden your own network. The event is hosted by Ryan McGranaghan on behalf of the Center for HelioAnalytics, and was planned in cooperation with an entire network of data and open science communities.  

Help Desk 

The Center for HelioAnalytics will be hosting office hours at the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Help Desk from 10am-noon on Wednesday December 14, Exhibit Hall Booth #1901.  Come by and see us!   

Tutorial videos from the help desk are available here.

Related Events

The following are events at the Fall 2022 AGU meeting that are related to HelioAnalytics and Heliophysics Data Science. 

Heliophysics Big Year Pre-Event Kickoff presentation:  Monday, December 12, 16:40 CST at the NASA Exhibit Booth hyperwall. Dr. Nicky Fox of NASA HQ will describe the "Heliophysics Big Year"

Sessions on Machine Learning and Data Science: 

Special sessions related to DRIVE centers: 

Coffee with COFFIES:  AGU Engagement Event with the COFFIES Drive Center, December 14 2022  AGU Poster Hall 

Other Town Halls relevant to NASA Data Science: 


The following are presentations on data science and HelioAnalytics presented by our team members or affiliated partners.

Physics-Informed Neural Nets (PINNs):

SH25B-05 - Deep Learning to Infer Boundary Conditions for Models of the Solar Photosphere and Atmosphere by B. Tremblay et al; Tuesday December 13 2022 15:39 CST

NG42A-07 - Physics Informed Neural Networks for Solar Magnetic Field Simulations by R. Jarolim et al; Thursday December 15 2022, 10:06 CST

NG52A-0168 - Physics-Informed Neural Networks for Modeling of Space Plasmas by E. L Winter and R. H. Weigel; Friday December 16 2022, 9:00am CST

NG52A-0173 - Emulating Coronal Magnetic Fields with Physics-Informed Neural Networks by N. H. Mathews and B.J. Thompson;  Friday December 16 2022, 9:00am CST

Frontier Development Lab: 

IN25A-06 - Mapping the Sun and its Irradiance in Extreme Ultraviolet from any Viewpoint with an End-to-End ML Pipeline by M. Santos et al; Tuesday December 13 2022 15:35 CST

SH45D-2368 - 3D Reconstructions of the Solar Atmosphere using Neural Radiance Fields by R. Jarolim et al; Thursday December 15 2022 14:45 CST

NG52A-0163 - Early EUV irradiance forecast using virtual spacecraft outside the Sun-Earth viewpoint by B. Tremblay et al; Friday December 16 2022 9:00am CST

Machine Learning: 

SH42D-2310 - Identifying Waves in the Solar Wind Using Convolutional Neural Networks by S. Fordin et al., Thursday December 15 2022, 9:00am CST

NG52A-0147 - Three-dimensional reconstruction of ion fluxes in the Earth’s northern cusp using neural networks by G. Cucho-Padin et al.; Friday December 16 2022, 9:00am CST

Other Data Science:

SH12C-1466 - SynCOM: A dynamic model for flow tracking algorithms by V. Moraes et al.; Monday December 12 2022, 9:00am CST

SH45B-03 - Developing a Vision for Maturing the Heliophysics Infrastructure towards Open Science: The DIARieS Analysis Ecosystem (Invited) by R. Ringette, Thursday December 12 2022, 15:05 CST