Knowledge Team

Lead: Ryan McGranaghan

The Knowledge Team is developing information resources for the Heliophysics community in order to facilitate discovery of data, resources, connections, and collaborations. Their objectives are to:

  1. Create and provide new resources to the Heliophysics community for improved information structuring (i.e., knowledge)

    • Resources include: language, learning materials, and technologies to achieve information structuring

  2. Develop the CfHA knowledge capture, organization, and access system

  3. Connect with other knowledge teams (e.g., JPL Institutional KG)

  4. Develop a knowledge graph/system curriculum for Heliophysics community

    • Sets of lectures with accompanying computational notebooks

    • Use to make KGs and better information structuring possible for the Heliophysics community 

  5. Build stronger relationships with data science/semantic web/ontology communities and existing information structuring efforts